For a lot of people, custom photography can be a new experience.
Here is a guide to many of the questions that I commonly receive:


What is your Session Fee and what does it include?

Session fees cover my time, eye for detail, and artistic processing. Session fees range from $200-$250, depending on the type of session. All additional purchases are made on the day of your reveal and ordering session. 

Do you have an order minimum?

No, you buy what you like after you see your images. 

What kind of products do you offer?

I pride myself in offering the most luxurious and well made wall hangings, albums, frames and prints. All are displayed in my studio for my clients to touch and feel before they order. 

How many images will be in my gallery?

Great question! This one varies a bit depending on the type of session and the temperament of baby/child. Galleries include a minimum of 25 images, but can include up to 80. 

What is a Reveal & Ordering appointment?

This is the time we set up after your session for you to come see your gallery for the first time and place your order!