Baby Declan | New Market MD Newborn Photographer

Declan | Studio Newborn Session

New Market MD Newborn Photography

Hello Declan.


Declan came into the studio when he was 21 days old, and he was so alert. He made the best faces, and I loved getting to capture a different one for each image.


Declan wanted to stay awake and see what was going on during the first part of his session. Although he was awake, he stayed content. I love getting shots where the baby is making eye contact, not only did we get that but a smile too.


After rocking him for a while, he finally went to sleep — good night sweet boy.


Baby Mackenzie | New Market MD Newborn Photographer

Mackenzie | Studio Newborn Session

New Market MD Newborn Photography

Welcome Mackenzie.


This sweet boy brought his big brother in the studio for his newborn session. The primary goal was to capture the brothers together, and we achieved our goal.


Big brother loved getting to cuddle with the baby, and as you can tell he is going to be the best big brother.


Mackenzie was just 16 days old when he visited the studio for his session, and loved getting to snack in between each setup. I was amazed at both boys amazing blue eyes and am so thankful baby brother kept his open for a few portraits.


Lyla | New Market MD Children's Photographer

6 Month Milestone | Studio Newborn Session

New Market MD Children’s Photography

Meet Lyla. Lyla joined me in the studio for her 6-month photo session and boy was she sweet. 


She has become little miss personality since her newborn session. (see her newborn session HERE)  I got her back in that white bucket to show how much she has grown. Lyla used the Jessica Neumann Photography client closet for her session and the outfits we chose were perfect. Look at those cheeks and chunky goodness. 


A fun thing about Lyla’s session is mom requested this white backdrop because she had pictures just like this when she was a little girl. How fun is that? She will be able to pass these memories to her children and grandchildren. 


I can’t wait to see Lyla again for her 1 year session. It is so much fun watching each sweet baby grow throughout that first year.


Declan | New Market MD Newborn Photographer

11 Days Old | Studio Newborn Session

New Market MD Newborn Photography

Introducing...  BABY DECLAN

newborn baby on neutrals

I'm still flying high from one of the most fun shoots I've had. The handsome little guy in front of the lens was just 11 days old when he came in for his session. He brought his big doggy brother Sherman with him too.

newborn baby with dog

I have been lucky enough to personally know these awesome parents for awhile now . . . in fact I got to document this little guy coming into the world (which is still one of the coolest experiences as a photographer to date).

I photographed their maternity session over the summer as well and you can check that out here. Big brother, Sherman played a big role in that session too!


As for baby Declan, he was a little angel and slept peacefully through the majority of our session. There was a portion of the the session when he showed up bright eyed and curious.


Check out my favorites expressions from little Declan’s session.


Hadley | Frederick MD Newborn Photographer

5 Weeks Old | Studio Newborn Session

Frederick MD Newborn Photography

If there ever was a baby full of smiles, it was Hadley! Even from the beginning, when she was awake, she was smiling.

Hadley was 5 weeks old when she visited the studio and she slept like a dream. I always tell parents that just because their baby is older, it does not mean we will not get beautiful images! Each baby is different and unique and knowing their signs and how to work with them, makes it possible for a great session no matter their age!

smiling newborn

I absolutely adored Hadley in pink and loved her moms idea of adding in some mint. Such a perfect color combination.

mint and pink newborn session

Her cheeks and lips were just adorable. I adored her and her session!

sleeping newborn girl in mint