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Mila | Bethesda MD Newborn Photographer

Mila | Studio Newborn Session

Bethesda MD Newborn Photography

Welcome to the world, Mila! This sweet newborn came into the studio with her family, and we had quite a successful photo session.

Newborn baby girl with flowers and hearts in Bethesda, Maryland
Newborn baby girl with pink flowers, Bethesda, Maryland

Seeing this whole family together was just too sweet for words. Mila’s older brother and sister did such a great job handling her, and I could tell they were already smitten!

Newborn girl with family, Frederick, MD
Newborn girl with parents, Bethesda, Maryland

Mila was so peaceful throughout her entire session. The floral background was a piece of her nursery wallpaper that her mom brought in! I always love it when the families that I work with can incorporate something special into their photos.

Baby girl in purple in New Market, MD
Smiling baby girl photo in Bethesda, Maryland

Mila was just too cute for words and seemed to be just perfect in every color combination that we used. I can’t wait to see her and her whole family back in the studio again.

Newborn baby girl in Bethesda, Maryland
Baby girl in blue and white, Bethesda, Maryland

Bennett | New Market MD Newborn Photographer

Bennett | Studio Newborn Session

New Market MD Newborn Photography

Say hello to Bennett! At 7 weeks old, he came to the studio for his newborn shoot and was simply adorable.

Baby Boy newborn photo in Frederick, MD

Bennett had the best hair! It was so adorable and fluffy, and I couldn’t get over his long lashes either.

Newborn boy with long hair in New Market, MD

Sometimes, older newborns can be difficult to photograph, but Bennett was absolutely perfect! We got some great shots of him awake, but were also able to pose him in peaceful sleeping photos too.

7 week old baby boy photos in New Market, MD

Bennett was so calm throughout the session, and I could just tell he was a laid-back baby. I hope he comes back to the studio for a visit as he grows up.

Calm newborn boy photos in Frederick, MD

Katie | New Market MD Newborn Photographer

Katie | Studio Newborn Session

New Market MD Newborn Photography

Meet Katie, the cutest little newborn, who had her photoshoot at just seven days old. She was so laid back, and an absolute joy.

Newborn girl in New Market, Maryland

My favorite part about this session was the color palate. We used mints and pinks, and they looked just perfect on baby Katie.

Newborn baby girl in mint, New Market, Maryland
7 day old baby girl photos in New Market, MD

Katie’s shoot was so close to Christmas last season, so we decided to include a few photos styled for the holiday season.

Christmas newborn photo, New Market, MD

Henry | Frederick MD Newborn Photographer

Henry | Studio Newborn Session

Frederick MD Newborn Photography

Meet baby Henry! At just five weeks old, he came in for his newborn session, and we got some pretty adorable pictures.

Newborn boy in Frederick, MD
Newborn boy with hat in Frederick, Maryland

Some photographers shy away from older newborns, but I love it! They have such great eye contact and expressions. Sometimes they even fall asleep and let me pose them like a newer baby.

5 week old boy photoshoot in Frederick, MD
Newborn in grey in Frederick, Maryland

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Sleeping newborn pictures in Frederick, Maryland
5 week old photo session in Frederick, MD
Happy newborn boy in Frederick, MD
Newborn boy with parents in New Market, Maryland

Some of the photos from Henry’s session turned out amazing in black and white. I was so happy that Henry and his parents came in for their session!

Newborn session in black and white, Frederick, MD

Charles | Frederick MD Newborn Photographer

Charles | Studio Newborn Session

Frederick MD Newborn Photography

Baby Charles came to visit the studio last fall, and I fell in love with his easy-going personality.

Baby Boy newborn session in Frederick, MD
Newborn boy photo in Frederick, Maryland
Black and white newborn boy in Frederick, Maryland

Charles was so easy to work with and quite curious at just 13 days old. He also had a nice little nap, where we were able to capture some precious details.

Sleeping newborn photos in Frederick, MD
Newborn boy photo session in Frederick, Maryland

The best part of this session was at the end when I got some of the most amazing facial expressions. I couldn’t get enough of these!

Baby expressions in Frederick, Maryland
Newborn facial expressions, Frederick, Maryland