Baby Lyla | 17 days new

Studio Newborn Session | Baby Photographers | Frederick, MD

Most babies that come into the studio are between the ages of 7-14 days old. This is so that we can ensure they are still sleepy, curled up and that dreaded baby acne hasn't started yet. However, I get inquiries quite often for older newborns, and I am happy to oblige! Baby Lyla was a little older than what some would consider a "typical newborn session age" at 17 days old. Our session started off with some alert time and eye contact (which we all know is my favorite) and ended with some super sleepy time. A perfect mix!

awake newborn girl

Lyla did eventually conk out, and we were able to capture all of those precious details. Can you believe those adorable cheeks? 

black and white studio lighting

Pink was Lyla's color for sure! She was the perfect little poser and quite content!

Pink newborn poses

Lyla was so sweet and squishy, and I can not wait to see her back at her 6-month and 1-year shoot! I definitely plan on getting her back into that white bucket so we can see how big she has gotten! 

pink and white posed newborn

Congratulations to this new family of 3!

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