Greta + Avery | Christmas Pajama Shoot

My Niece, My Love, My Stinker | Baltimore, MD Child Photographer

My niece, my love, my stinker . . . you may have shown up asleep and been super grumpy, but your Aunt Jessie won! (by-the way I LOVE this face she gives when she is unsure of what the heck I am doing). 

grumpy 3 year old

My daughter and Avery adore each other. They have some deep connection that hopefully lasts until they are old and gray. I relied on Greta to help me wake Avery up and get some smiles . . . and it worked!

christmas twinkle lights

In fact, we had some pretty amazing laughs, which at some point she told us to stop making her laugh . . . "no daddy, stop it . . . that is too funny" (picture it with the grump face you saw above).

studio images with 3 year old

Of course, we could not walk away without getting some pictures of her with Daddy (and my awesome brother). The last image is a signature head bonk patented by Avery to show her affection. 

dad and daughter images

Love these moments and comparing the years and her growth through photography.