Baby Boy + Big Brother | MD Baby Photography

Cameron's 6 Month Photo Shoot | Gaithersburg, MD

Cameron was back for his 6 month shoot and cuter than ever! To see his newborn session, click HERE.

6 month old baby

I loved how the boys were together. Big brothers are the best at making sure you don't topple over when you are sitting up . . . and giving kisses . . . and rough hugs! 

brother snuggles

Miss Colette | Gaithersburg MD Baby Photographer

Sweet Baby Smiles | Infant Photos

You may remember Colette from HERE. She was born at 1lb, 11oz and spent over 100 days in the NICU. You would never know that now since she is as healthy and CUTE as can be. 

preemie photoshoot

She showed me her personality and her many expressions, which had us all laughing.

silly baby faces

She was sitting up on her own like a champ and I was super impressed!

baby studio pictures

I look forward to how big she is next time I see her for her one year photoshoot!

A Dog and Her Humans | MD Family Photographer

Family and Dog Photo Session | Frederick, MD

I met Elsie and her family when she was just six weeks old (HERE) and saw her again when she was one (HERE). Now, she is two! The family wanted to incorporate their Weimaraner and (being the dog person that I am) I was happy to oblige. 

family image with dog

Elsie has an amazing personality and definitely kept ME entertained the entire session. 

fall family outdoor photos

She had a contagious smile and braved our chilly temperatures like a champ!

smiling toddler

I am so excited to provide beautiful artwork of their family for them to hang in their home and enjoy for many years to come.

Evie is 3 | Better Bundle Up!

Cold Fall Morning Session | Arlington, VA Family Photographer 

Well, we no doubt had one of the coldest fall mornings. It was 22 degrees out and Evie just turned 3. Normally this would be a recipe for disaster, but we had rescheduled a few times already due to weather, so we decided to proceed and to move quickly! 

3 year old fall photograph

It is true that about 10 minutes into the session I no longer could feel my fingertips click my camera shutter, but thankfully it was! 

family photographs with 3 year old arlington, va

Evie was all about the cuddles to stay warm, which was perfect!

mom and 3 year old family photography
dad and daughter fall family pictures

This family's been with me and not batted an eye when I moved studios (and had to have their newborn session in my home), when we have a session and it is 22 degrees out, or when they drive an hour to see me everytime. They are positive and happy . . . and I am SO lucky to have them as clients and friends. 

Greta + Avery | Christmas Pajama Shoot

My Niece, My Love, My Stinker | Baltimore, MD Child Photographer

My niece, my love, my stinker . . . you may have shown up asleep and been super grumpy, but your Aunt Jessie won! (by-the way I LOVE this face she gives when she is unsure of what the heck I am doing). 

grumpy 3 year old

My daughter and Avery adore each other. They have some deep connection that hopefully lasts until they are old and gray. I relied on Greta to help me wake Avery up and get some smiles . . . and it worked!

christmas twinkle lights

In fact, we had some pretty amazing laughs, which at some point she told us to stop making her laugh . . . "no daddy, stop it . . . that is too funny" (picture it with the grump face you saw above).

studio images with 3 year old

Of course, we could not walk away without getting some pictures of her with Daddy (and my awesome brother). The last image is a signature head bonk patented by Avery to show her affection. 

dad and daughter images

Love these moments and comparing the years and her growth through photography.