Michael Mosier

August 27th, 2008 - May 17th, 2015

I had the incredible honor of not only knowing Michael and his family, but I was able to capture some of their time together in his last week. These moments are something that will forever be ingrained in my heart and I know in the hearts of a lot of the followers of Michael's story. Michael was a hero and fought through this terrible disease with bravery and strength. Michael would have been 7 this Thursday and I thought it best just to share his Mom's words:

"I do know... DIPG is the "worst of the worst." That is what the doctors call it. That is what the children and families experience. We continue to fight this disease so that other families do not have to feel helpless as they watch their child suffer and fade away. So that other families can have hope for their children. So that other families do not have to count the days, the months, the seasons where they are longing for their child. There is an amazing group of advocates fighting to ?#?defeatDIPG?. Most of them have lost children to this disease, yet they are mustering the strength to fight nonetheless. We are compelled to do so. And we are going to win this fight. Please be on our team and fight alongside us. www.defeatdipg.org"


There area number of ways to show your support and help. If you live in DC or close by, you can support the cause by eating Michael's Birthday Special through the end of August by eating HERE. You can also follow them on social media via the links below




Most importantly, consider donating HERE to support research to find a cure for this terrible cancer. Love to Michael and his family today and every day <3