10 day old Julia {Frederick, MD Newborn Photographer}

You know the best friend that most people have that go back to elementary school and that you share almost all of your childhood memories with? The friend that you go through life with and eventually either grow apart from or continue a relationship with . . . and no matter how long you are apart when you come back together or talk again it is like nothing has ever changed and no time has lapsed? Well, for me I am lucky enough to still have that friend in my life everyday. I was so excited to learn she was expecting a little girl! There is an irony in how our lives have paralleled each other for all these years . . . getting married . . . having a boy . . . having a girl. As if our relationship was not special enough, we now have these beautiful children who will all grow as playmates and who call us "Aunt" and "Uncle". So, to say I was excited to have baby Julia in my studio is an understatement. We planned her accessories and color scheme for this shoot months before. When she arrived in the studio, I was so excited to finally meet her and to see she was living up to the "sleepy" status her Mommy had already told me about. When she did finally wake up towards the end, she was calm and alert and very willing to go with the flow.

Love you baby Julia!!