Jessica Neumann

I grew up in Howard County and currently live in Frederick, Maryland with my husband and two children. At Towson University I studied Economics and then worked for 7 years in the corporate world. I loved working collaboratively with people in my job, but I knew my true passion was elsewhere.

I have been in business for 8 years and I have designed a custom studio in downtown New Market, MD. This space allows me and my clients to have the best possible experience. I've had the pleasure of photographing hundreds of newborns and families throughout the years which has allowed me to gain unparalleled experience. I pride myself on being able to connect with even the shyest of children and consider myself exceptional in anticipating baby’s needs and comforts. My greatest joy is after a session when a client tells me I am a "baby whisperer” or how their child warmed up to me so well (and is normally in my arms by the end of the session). 

Here are just a few fun facts about me that will hopefully make you feel like you know me a little better . . .

  • I used to be a complete adrenaline junkie before kids. I went skydiving twice . . . the first time I broke my arm, but I decided I had to go back so I could have a good experience. Brave or stupid? Then there was jumping off a 50ft cliff in Jamaica on my honeymoon . . . that ended in injury as well.
  • I love baking but do not do it nearly as much as I would like. In another life, I would have a cupcake store because I make a mean cupcake!
  • I love lifting weights and if I am not editing or with my kids, I am likely working out or coaching at ODIN CrossFit.
  • Burritos and I have a thing. It is getting pretty serious.
  • I am completely directionally challenged. Thank goodness for GPS.
  • I have a slightly twisted and irreverent sense of humor.